5 Reasons Why Quality Not Cost is the Priority when Choosing Mobile App Developers


If you sacrifice quality just to try to get cost savings, you may end up with neither. Picking the lowest quote when you choose mobile app developers without considering the consequences is a trap that too many customers fall into.

What kind of mobile app do you want? Mobile apps can range from simple displays of information to sophisticated tools for employee productivity, customer loyalty, or winning new business. However, all mobile apps need at least one thing – good, value-for-money quality. If you sacrifice quality just to try to get cost savings, you may end up with neither. Picking the lowest quote for your mobile app development without considering the consequences is a trap that too many customers fall into. Find out below about 5 reasons why quality, not cost, must be your priority when choosing mobile app developers.

1. Total business benefits from your app depend on its total quality

An overall quality-oriented approach will help ensure a good user experience. In turn, this will help you get the business results you want. Good quality from the start will also let your app evolve more easily in line with your business goals. By comparison, poor quality may hurt more than the user experience. It could also ruin your marketing and product development efforts and give users a negative impression of your entire enterprise. This could lose you more than just money.

2. Good quality can lower your total cost of ownership

While better quality may mean a higher initial investment, it will help lower costs of ongoing maintenance and new features. There will be fewer bugs with lower impact and more likely to be caught before release. By comparison, approaches that focus only on cutting costs may result in a buggy app that does not work properly or upgrade easily. The budget to fix your app may then be more than the initial cost of the project.

3. Developer quality beats development quantity

Many successful mobile apps just do a few things (or even just one thing). However, they do them well and offer a great user experience. Likewise, you can define the minimum set of features that your app must offer to your targeted users, then make the best use of your budget with developers that do a higher quality job on a more sharply focused set of features.

4. Low, low costs and ultra-fast delivery can be high, high risk

A simple app development can cost less than a complex one. However, if you get wildly different quotes to develop the same mobile app, look out! If a quote offers a much lower price or much faster delivery compared to other quotes, it may be because:

•               Your specifications have not been respected

•               Developers are working cheap because they are inexperienced

•               Lack of testing means bugs will only be found after release when they are more expensive to fix and the user experience has suffered

•               Aspects like app performance, reliability, and scalability have been ignored.  

5. If you don’t have the budget to do it right, will you have the budget to fix it?

If a low-price mobile app developers use all the budgeted development hours before the app is finished, you may face a demand for an additional budget, or your project may simply stop. If you take your unfinished app to another developer, you will still need to spend more to get it finished. In some cases, the app development work may even need to be redone from the start.  

For all these reasons, we recommend that you take the time to properly discuss quotes from mobile app development companies. Delve into each offer, the assumptions, the risks, and how the project has been planned and budget allocated. Find out about the contractor’s vision for your app, both up to and after the first release. Your diligence and focus on quality will then pay for itself in the choice of the right mobile app developers for your business, the optimized total cost of ownership, and overall benefits.

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