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AnimalRegistry is a unique digital system for identification of animals (cats and dogs) in the US market.

In addition, it is a useful community platform, which provides various information services for domestic and service animals owners (news, articles, events), and online store of goods for animal care.

Adaptive interface accessible
from any mobile or desktop

Project process

The AnimalRegistry team hired Diffco to solve a complex task of designing and developing a platform that combines a web portal and community platform for pet owners, a database and an animal management and identification system, an e-commerce platform and software for the digital printing system. In addition, AnimalRegistry required the development of corporate identity, logo and a style guide for the entire project, animal ID and certificates.
The first stage of the project was the development of a detailed technical task to outline all the functional and product aspects with the client. Simultaneously, we have been working on the assessment of various technical options for implementation and the choice of platform for development.
Following the results of this stage, the chosen technical platform was agreed and a roadmap of all stages was completed. One of the important parts of the project was the development of a printing system, remote implementation of it on the client side, and collaboration with a separate client development department that worked on an integration module for printers.

Public Pet database

Public database of animals that allows you to find any cat or dog registered in the system. Each registered animal receives a personal digital ID and an additional hard-copy identification card containing basic information and photo. This ID also contains a QR code which helps you to find the animal's personal page in the AnimalRegistry public database.

Online registration of animals with live ID preview

Allows to immediately see the final result - ready ID with information you've entered and uploaded animal's photo.

A public database
search by animal ID

The ability to find a pet personal page by its QR code on the card

Allows to contact the owner from the personal page in the AnimalRegistry database in case of the animal's loss and finding. Just scan the QR code on the ID.

Public catalog
of lost pets

Each owner of a registered cat or dog can report a missing animal on the AnimalRegistry platform, which will be publically available in the special Lost Pets catalog. AnimalRegistry also sends notifications among community users in a given area to help to find your animal.

Cats and dogs supplies online store

In the store users can buy both individual items and special kits created specifically for different categories of animals (Service animals, Emotional Support animal, Therapy animal). Users may also create a custom kit with the necessary set of products.

Various methods of online payment in the store

Pet caring advice and information

Ubiquitous knowledge base for owners of cats and dogs, containing articles with tips and tricks for different types and breeds of animals. AnimalRegistry helps to find materials related specifically to your animal.

Vet clinics

Convenient catalog of veterinary clinics, allowing you to find the best specialists in your area.

News and events

A catalog of news and ongoing events for cat and dog owners across the country and near you.

Custom printing system

Specially designed digital printing system integrated with the online store. This system automatically creates and manages print tasks for digital and hardcopy IDs, certificates and other documents within the platform.

Technical features

Wordpress + Woocommerce

Microservices-based architecture

Symfony Framework




Apple Pay

Google Pay

Amazon Pay

Shipstation Integration

Sendgrid Integration

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