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Private mobile app for police officers


The future of Field Sobriety Tests.

The FST application is the electronic version of the paper Field Sobriety Test. The application is based on the widespread police test to define driver’s ability to control a vehicle. The application can be used both by police officer, and by drivers to test themselves.


FST application helps police officers to avoid time consuming and monotonous paperwork. No more carrying paper forms—everything is in the mobile phone, ready to be filled out half as much time. After the e-form is filled out, it is sent by e-mail, quick and simple!


Takes more time

Manual filling in takes twice as much time and both hands are needed to complete the forms, while with electronic FST everything can be done with one finger required to operate the convenient digital keyboard

Difficult to recognize

It is necessary to understand different handwritings and it requires good lighting for both writing and reading, what could be problematic in the police officers’ conditions of work.

Weight risk of loss

No more carrying of heavy papers and worrying about them getting damaged or lost.

We created the solution

Convenient iOS mobile application

Unlike the paper forms, the application has a set of necessary tools to make the process of filling out forms easier for you.

Main features

Embedded timer

Embedded timer for Romberberg stand exam. There’s no need to switch to another application or to perform the counting yourself.

Easily recognized

The report is filled out in digital form with an easy to read font on a phone screen or on the paper if printed out.

E-mail report

Easily accessible digital reports are sent via e-mail, what allows the officers to report the incidents immediately.


The application has embedded tools to record results of a walk & turn test. Test UI is designed in such a way that the user can quickly and easily fill in the result with one finger.


To input finger-to-nose test results, one just need to mark a point on the face, as it is done in paper tests, but it is also easier to erase and mark it again, if necessary.


Contrast design

Developed to ease filling in the data in the event of poor lighting or bright sun, when the screen is exposed to direct sunlight.

Offline mode

The application does not require Internet connection to operate, the report can be completed offline and sent when there is a connection.

Possibility to edit

In case of mistakes, the officer could easily revisit the step and edit the data. No need to start the new form, as it was previously with the hard copies.

Public version

FST might be useful for ordinary people who would like to test themselves for the ability to drive.

If someone is not sure he or she can drive, we recommend taking this test to make an objective decision based on the test results.

Nevertheless, we strongly advise everyone to avoid driving after drinking alcohol, and to take a taxi or choose a ride-sharing option.


The future of Field Sobriety Tests.

Client’s Review

My experience with Diffco US has been nothing short of amazing. Their work ethic and attention to detail should be emulated in all industries.

It’s a joy working with the Diffco team. The development team has lessened the stress on so many occasions, that all I can say is thank you and keep up the great work.

John Saba, CEO L.E. Solutions Inc

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