Gastronomic is an online platform developed to support gastronomic festivals and awards

For many years, the project team has organized a series of festivals such as MRW, MGF, Laurel Leaf, Nespresso Gourmet Week, Season, Silver Triangle, and many others.

Easy event creation

The platform allows event managers to quickly create, configure and launch the web site of the new festival, as well as to post all the necessary information about the events.

Custom design for every event

For each festival, the administrator can customize the UI design using the control panel, without the need for additional layout changes and development.

Participants list

For each festival or award, an individual set of participating restaurants and detailed information about them is configured in the control panel.

Custom participant profiles

Each participating restaurant has an individual page within the festival with full information, graphic and photo materials.

Convenient online voting

The platform allows the launch of online voting for participants within each festival. Each visitor to the site can vote without the need to register using an account in any of the popular social networks.


New platform idea

The Gastronomic project team turned to Diffco with the intriguing task of creating a single platform for running all the team’s gastronomic events. The concept of the new platform was for it to be a convenient builder for creating separate sites for each festival and conducting online voting. Within the platform, it was important to develop the technical ability to create an individual graphic design for each festival, without the need for additional software development.

Functionality and UI/UX design

The project began with a stage of detailed style creation and elaboration of all technical requirements for each festival and potential events in the future. After the stage of designing and agreeing on the technical specifications, as well as interface prototypes, the DIffco team began to develop the layout and software platform.

Launch and support

Within 2 months the product was launched, and the first festival was successfully held using the product. For the following two years, the platform was successfully used by the client, and in 2019 we carried out a large-scale system update and expanded the system’s functionality.

Technical features

Веб-приложение Web application
Yii Yii
MongoDB MongoDB
Facebook SDK интеграция Facebook API Integration
Оптимизация высоконагруженных ресурсов High-loaded service resource optimization

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