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Banking products marketplace

NDABank - a bank, providing a full range of services for individuals and businesses. In 2018, the bank's department of Corporate Banking Services and Diffco began to work together on a new complex integrated IT product for business clients.

The “MarketPlace” project provides an online platform with a full range of financial and banking services that an enterprise customer needs.

*We cannot disclose client’s name and all project details by NDA (non-disclose agreement). This is a general project story we can share with you.

Features and technical details:

Marketplace is accessible from any mobile or desktop device. No software installation is required, because it works with any browser.
The ability to apply to bank product or service without registration. The client can start using any product in just a few clicks.
Each client gets a dynamically personalized Dashboard, where all selected business services, products and specifically user-oriented tools are centralized, while additional ones could be easily added from the Catalog;
Multi-user mode provides a possibility to all company’s employees to work within one corporate profile. Advanced control management panel is used by supervisors to configure the permissions for all users.
2-factor authentication over text messages and email.
Token authorization to sign the documents and electronic document exchange between the client and the bank.
Scheduling system to arrange an appointment with a bank representative.
Built-in educational service for business clients.
Integration with the bank's internal corporate services: CRM and ERP.
Client banking system integration for payment processing.
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From a focused vision
to a ubiquitous platform:

Original idea

Originally, our client was looking for a technical and product design assistastance to build an online platform for several banking products targeted for corporate business.

Agile time!

During the first phase of architecture creation, the vision was expanded to a digital platform with a full variety of banking services and personalized product offers.

Final aim

Our goal was to rethink the process on how customers are communicating with banks. In order to achieve that, we focused on standardizing the business processes, online service applications and document processing. In order to be rapid with MVP and collect valuable feedback from clients, we have planned a flexible roadmap, which was split on multiple stages with core functionality and modular pluggable extensions.


Within 4 months we have launched a platform with essential banking products for several major clients. From that moment we have started to work on regular extensions and updates, as well as we assist our client with supportive tasks to the running services.

Technical solution:

Symphony is a PHP enterprise-level framework, which allowed us to make a scalable and reliable solution to compliment bank’s infrastructure.
MySQL is a golden standard and solid database system, which perfectly handles multifaceted banking data.
doctrine ORM
doctrineORM was extremely handy and flexible for database management.
Angular is a standard for powerful web applications.
Webpack is a best front-end package manager suitable for Angular projects.
CI/CD based on Docker
CI/CD based on Docker technology is used to arrange the full development and deployment cycles.
Private cloud infrastructure
Private cloud infrastructure is used to securely test and release the project.
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