Smart Socket

Smart Socket - Convenient app allows to control all elements from any location (provided there is cell coverage) and accounts for individual schedules and intensity of use.

Control your house or office with just one click!

The app has been developed for SENSEIT Smart Socket™. It allows to control Smart Sockets remotely based on individual schedules and intensity of use.

The need:

Prior to the app development, the sockets could have been remotely controlled via code based SMS. However, the need was to be modern and up-to-date with technology; the need was to make it as easy for the customer as possible to control the sockets. At that time the SENSEIT brand has decided to introduce this new tool that is more comfortable to use.

Development time: 4 months

The outcome:

A convenient app that allows for all elements of the Smart Socket ™ to be controlled from any location as long as it has cell coverage. It is very user friendly, so the users have no difficulty adapting to the new technology and can start using the product out of the box, without having to read long manuals. The app has become an integral part of the product.

Joint Project with The Better Bunch.

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