We provide our exceptional technical expertise and development resources to build your enterprise mobile application
powered by AI.

At Diffco we utilize specifically developed services for corporate clients to deliver high-quality technical solutions with a personalized approach, meeting project requirements and organizational standards.

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Highly professional team

Our team of senior domain experts smoothly delivers a project of any complexity utilizing industry-leading technologies.

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  • 1000+ Projects launched
  • 400+ Satisfied clients
  • 100% On-time delivery
  • 12+ Years of experience
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Select a convenient way to work with us

At Diffco we offer two options to start and run your project. You can choose a suitable team configuration and the project flow to fit your organizational needs.

  • Team augmentation

    Use us as part of your own development team wherever you need us. We are here to extend your resources by scaling up and increasing your skill set.

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  • Full project development

    Order the full project realization by Diffco in reserved time and budget.

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Our professionals

  • Mobile developers
    We are proficient in native iOS and Android development and can create solutions effectively for both platforms simultaneously.
  • Data scientists and AI/ML experts
    Our data engineers and data scientists will help you with tasks from computer vision to data analysis and development of AI for specific purposes.
  • Front-end developers
    We are professional in building robust and high quality front-ends for web applications with excellent usability and adaptivity for various platforms and devices.
  • Project and product management experts
    We take care of process and operations management utilizing global corporate standards and applying both classic and cutting-edge management methodologies based on your needs.
  • Back-end developers
    Our team is experienced in high-load and complex back-end infrastructures for any mobile or web app.
  • UI/UX designers
    We specialize in web and mobile user experience and design. Our designers follow trends in UI/UX and mobile development, complying with industry standards, Apple and Google guidelines while infusing artistic vision into each product.

Get the full advantage of analytics

  • Analysis model

    We help you with the development of analytics requirements and metrics models for user behavior research, basic statistics and A/B testing.

  • Integration

    Our team has wide expertise in metrics development and integrating various analytical tools into mobile and web applications.

  • User behavior-driven updates

    We analyze the patterns and suggest corresponding improvements based on the captured user flows to increase the efficiency and usability.

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Documentation and standards

It is a task of paramount importance to us to maintain code quality and follow standards. Our team leads and software architects focus on applying the appropriate corporate and industry standards.

Security and compliance

Making secure systems is critical in the modern world of digital threats. Our security engineers use their extensive expertise to make your systems secure by design.

Our cases

We've created a simple and convenient solution, which helps police officers to fill in a Field Investigation Card





  • DL/ID

The app is designed for U.S. police officers to avoid excessive paperwork and stay focused on their job.

We’ve created AI technology that makes everyone a movie star




Pick your favorite movie to take the place in an AI-driven application as a real actor.

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