Senior React Native developer

Remote from Europe

We are looking for an experienced React Native developer who will help us create powerful mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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Job responsibilities

  • Develop powerful iOS/Android apps using React Native
  • Design and develop functional and sustainable web applications, mobile applications, marketplaces, CRM&ERP applications e.t.c
  • Maintain and support current projects
  • Provide estimates, project plans and stages
  • Define a project architecture, perform optimization, and refactoring


  • 4+ years of React Native development experience and app development experience. Relevant portfolio
  • Strong written, technical documentation and oral communication skills
  • Knowledge of  React, Redux, HTML/XML/CSS/JS, LESS/SASS/SCSS, adaptive layout, material UI
  • Experience with native mobile development for iOS/Android is beneficial
  • Knowledge of: REST API, GraphQL, HTTP(s)
  • Experience with Git source control (pull requests and code reviews)
  • Willingness to learn new technologies and approaches
  • Ability to work in a team with other developers and other participants in the development process

What we offer

  • Competative salary + bonuses
  • Professional growth

Why working at Diffco?

  • Great experience and opportunity
    You will work on the fast-forward projects in Silicon Valley utilizing latest technologies, methodologies, frameworks and approaches with the ability and time to learn and develop professionally.
  • Professional and harmonious team of friends
    Our team is a second family, so you would enjoy spending the day working on nice projects with kind people with broad interests.
  • A vast field for growth
    Learn continuously, expand your skills and demonstrate your professional level and ability to take more responsibility to grow.
  • Great company culture
    We care about you and are interested in your personal professional goals, motivation and we build a perfect work/life balance.

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