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In Diffco we turn your business needs and product ideas into digital solutions, starting from mobile applications through to sophisticated AI-driven solutions. All our services are accompanied by well-organized management and product consulting expertise.

  • Mobile development
    We specialize in mobile application native iOS and Android development. Our mobile development team is fluent with the platforms guidelines, UI rules and standards, while our extensive experience means relentless focus on even the smallest details to deliver powerful and user-friendly apps.
    Objective C Swift and iOS SDK Java and Android SDK/NDK
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  • Back-end development
    We are experienced in high-load and complex back-end development for mobile or web apps for enterprise-grade products. We use the latest and industry-proven frameworks, which allows us to make truly reliable and scalable solutions specifically designed for cloud infrastructures.
    Symfony Yii Node.js Docker Kubernetes AWS RESTful API WebSocket MongoDB Redis ElasticSearch Sphynx Amazon SQS/RabbitMQ Swagger Codeception
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  • Computer vision development
    We focus on server and mobile computer vision solutions such as document data recognition, face masking, object detection and more to empower any mobile or web app user experience. Our computer vision developers are experienced in the major industry techniques and provide outstanding advanced algorithm design.
    Python C&C++ OpenCV Dlib Caffe TensorFlow and CUDA
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  • AI development
    Our team is experienced in data analysis and machine learning cutting edge techniques. We also incorporate our domain knowledge in finances, healthcare, aviation, entertainment, security, IoT and mobility into these solutions. Our data analysis and AI experts are experienced in the major industry standards, which allows us to build any recognitive, detective or predictive system.
    Python C&C++ TensorFlow
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  • Secure architecture development
    We develop secure-by-design systems that comply with enterprise and security standards, starting from code security to development security policies.
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  • Technical support
    We take responsibility for the whole product lifecycle, providing continuous technical support and consulting after the launch to ensure correct project operation and continuous improvement. Our service allows our customers to swiftly solve any issues and incorporate new features, as our support service offers any tasks from design to the actual development.
    Zendesk Slack Jira
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  • Front-end development
    We are experienced in building modular, high-performance web applications for corporate clients and startups. Utilizing modern, robust technology stacks, we create modern-looking and responsive interfaces with advanced UI components, animations and data visualizations.
    HTML5/CSS3 SCSS/LESS/SASS Gulp and Bower JS TypeScript Angular React jQuery
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