In the current COVID-19 pandemic circumstances, our team is fully-functional. We have switched to completely remote work and are here to help you.

Mobile solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and secure architecture

We provide great technical solutions for mobile applications utilizing years of experience on the market and industry-leading technologies. Our mission and vision are to meet client’s needs in a most efficient manner regardless of the complexity and technological implementation.

From our headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, we work with the clients all over the globe. We have successfully launched projects in the USA, Europe, Asia and have plenty of international experience.

At Diffco we offer specifically developed solutions for enterprises

We have designed solutions for corporate-grade projects, which allows our enterprise clients to utilize them in a convenient way.

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Technical solutions we use

  • Cloud software
    We lead projects based on the latest and most robust technologies for software delivery like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • API’s
    We design and build module architectures using RESTful API and WebSocket, so that our projects are flexible, scalable and upgradeable. We have our own best practices, components and modules for API and back-end development.
  • AI technologies
    We use our own technologies in image recognition and computer vision, and have experience with OpenCV, Dlib, Caffe, TensorFlow and CUDA.
  • Testing
    We use manual and automatic testing methodologies and software, like Unit, Codeception and Selenium.
  • Code review
    We make a regular code review and prefer test-driven development. .
  • Data base
    We optimize project data handling: MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Sphynx, Amazon SQS/RabbitMQ.
  • Documentation
    We document projects and use special software like Swagger to automate the process.
  • Support
    We do not reinvent the wheel but use the best existing solutions and libraries as much as possible to make future support easy and efficient.
  • UI/UX design
    We design in Sketch, prototype in Axure, InVision and Principle, and have extensive experience with Adobe Creative Cloud stack and Figma.

Our main expertise

Objective C, Swift and iOS SDK Objective C, Swift and iOS SDK
Java and Android SDK/NDK Java and Android SDK/NDK
PHP Symfony and Yii PHP Symfony and Yii
Node.js Node.js
C&C++ C&C++
HTML5/CSS3, Gulp and Bower HTML5/CSS3, Gulp and Bower
Redis, RabbitMQ, MySQL Redis, RabbitMQ, MySQL
JS, Typescript, Angular, React, jQuery JS, Typescript, Angular, React, jQuery
Python Python
DLIB, OpenCV, TensorFlow and Caffe DLIB, OpenCV, TensorFlow and Caffe

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