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Build and scale your business fast with our world-class senior developers

Hire our full-time team of senior developers to launch, accelerate, and support your business applications. Mobile. Web. AI.

Our principles
Laser focus on your product and business goals
Only dedicated project teams; no cross-project sharing
Only full-time senior engineers who know your industry
Vetting and verification of team member expertise in industry-leading technology standards and methodologies
Always clear, transparent communications with you about everything

Convenient ways to work with us


Hire an individual or a custom group of professionals that will be formed by us and will become a dedicated part of your team.
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When team augmentation is the right choice for you?
If you need a professional with certain skills and technology stack, we are ready to provide it in the shortest possible time.
If you call for full control and flexibility in building a team for the needs of your project, we will deliver high-quality professionals.
If you want to focus less on the hiring process, we will take care of it offering only the Top 3% of Senior experts on the market that are familiar with your industry.


Hire a team of dedicated professionals necessary to design, develop and launch your project.
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When full project development is the right choice for you?
If you don’t want to spend time building a team, we will provide you with close-knit professionals who have already worked together and have experience in building successful products.
If spending resources on recruiting every single specialist for development and management teams are not your top priority, we will supervise the process of hiring and onboarding.
If you do not need to spend time and budget on team management and product development, we will take care of it by delivering the whole project control and reporting.

Our services


We have deep experience with scalable, high-load-ready, back-end infrastructures for any mobile or web app. We have built a wide range of high-quality solutions for SasS, FinTech, HeathTech, Marketplace, ERP, and BI.


Our engineers build robust, high-quality front ends for web applications, with great usability and adaptivity for any platform or device.


If you want your business to benefit from AI technology, add our experts to your team for innovative mobile AI, server AI, and machine-learning solutions.

Computer Vision

We know how to optimize computer vision algorithms and integrate AI into both mobile and web environments to increase the efficiency and performance of your applications.


Hire an individual or let us put together a custom group of professionals who become a dedicated extension of your team.

Technology experts


We follow trends in UI/UX and industry standards while infusing artistic vision into each product.
React Angular Electron Typescript


We create scalable back-end infrastructure.
Node.js Express Next.js Nest.js PHP Symfony Laravel Lumen Yii Go Python

Mobile app

We create powerful native iOS and Android mobile apps.
Swift ObjectiveC Java Kotlin React Native


Sophisticated machine learning solutions to power any mobile or web app user experience.
Python Tensorflow Numpy Pytorch openCV dLib CUDAed


We use the best popular database to scale your infrastructure faster.
MySQL Mariadb Mongo Redis DynamoDB


We design products and turn your ideas into powerful mobile apps.
Docker Kubernetes AWS Microsoft Azure Google Cloud

Discovery stage is the most important
part of the project development

In our experience, the discovery stage of application development is often crucial for project success. That’s true whether you are developing a new product or onboarding an existing one.

Our team will study your project, gather key functional requirements, define the market fit, and analyze every option to find the technical approach that will work best for your product. By working with us to map out your entire product development cycle, you’ll be able to effectively plan project stages, perform initial estimates, and define critical points to be defined further.

Think of the discovery phase as your trail map for a hike through a dense forest. Without that map, you have a good chance of getting lost. To get where you want to go, you need that map.

What we do during the discovery stage


Core review,
Product review


PRD, BRD, and


Integration: integration
plan, Security audit
planning, R&D


Development plan
and release schedule



What do we offer?


Hire an individual or a custom group of professionals that will be formed by us and will become a dedicated part of your team.

Mobile developers, back-end developers, front-end developers, software architects, QA engineers, UI designers, project managers, business analysts, DevOps engineers.


We know how efficient collaboration and staying in constant contact are important for making our clients happy and keeping them sure of the successful result:

Weekly stand-ups, calls reporting
Detailed documentation, PRD, BRD

reporting and

You can see the traction of the progress during each stage of the project and share it within your company with the detailed reporting and deliverables provided by our team.

Product requirements document (PRD)
Technical specification document
UI wireframes
UI design mockup
Front-end template
UI prototype
Back-end API specification
Development and R&D plan

We’re based in Silicon Valley.
We operate worldwide.

We’re based in Silicon Valley. We operate worldwide.

No matter where you are in North America, Europe, or Asia, our teams work effectively and efficiently on your schedule. We adjust our business processes to make our partnership smooth for you.

Our case studies

We’ve developed an Android mobile app for a quick groceries delivery service



FoodRocket is a service of fresh grocery delivery within 15 minutes or less. You can get everything you want delivered to your door in the blink of an eye.

We’ve developed an audio marketing platform with intelligent advertisements


  • AI

Instreamatic is a powerful and innovative solution of an audio marketing platform that provides intelligent advertisements with voice control and an instant response.

See more cases


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