FOLA — Colorful website with a responsive UI and an internal “smart” booking system which allows to book flights and buy gift cards instantly.


Kamino – This colorful application gives you an insider look on any city in the world. Such smart and interactive guide builds walking tours per your preferences.


KeepGrip - Stylish web store for advanced sport traction systems with an option for order customization and a built-in analytical system for price calculation.


Orb Intelligence - a very successful startup that provides company information and smart algorithms as a service to marketing software vendors and B2B agencies.

Orb Intelligence

Centerlight - Beautifully designed E-Commerce website where the users can browse full inventory of stylish lighting solutions and purchase the products online.


Aerostarter - service for anyone within the aviation community filled with multiple features for flight schools, instructors, pilots and flying enthusiasts.


Second Wind - Useful app that allows you to adjust the music to your tempo while running and even out the bpm’s for all songs in your library. Save your favorite playlists.

Second Wind

Front-end Project NDA – Mobile application that creates live comics from mobile videos through the voice recognition that enables the user to build comic text bubbles from speech.

Front-end Project NDA

GLFG - Encrypted banking system with multiple security features. It allows to do various safe transactions online and to manage your assets effectively.

GLFG banking system

Smart Socket - Convenient app allows to control all elements from any location (provided there is cell coverage) and accounts for individual schedules and intensity of use.

Smart Socket

Myconcy - Smart web concierge service applies analytics and suggests the best trip location/destination and the most suitable flight options based on your saved preferences.

My Concy

LifeScan – Internal app for Johnson&Johnson that serves as an interactive catalog for a sales rep in a field and helps to answer any questions from a potential client.


GLFG website – Corporate website for a large investment group in Switzerland that is filled with colorful content. The interface is available in two languages.

GLFG web site

Loft – Promo E-commerce website that allows instant purchasing and it gives full information on the unique Edison style lamps and fixtures - LED Filament bulbs.


CyprusInform - Multi-functional project filled with many features and web services. It provides a virtual service to create an electronic route and itinerary for sightseeing.


Russian Radio Cyprus - Miss your national music and radio… while you live abroad? For Cyprus inhabitants it is no longer a problem, since they have an amazing Russian radio that is accessible 24/7 through an amazing website.

Russian Radio - Cyprus

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