iSeeU is a mobile application that turns your smartphone or tablet into a convenient child monitoring system. The mobile application allows you to see online what is happening in the back seat while driving to be sure that your child is enjoying the ride.

Mobile application

Project initiation and process

This project has started with the idea of ​​our client about a convenient service for children monitoring.

Within only 2 months it has became a full-featured application with a specially developed video streaming technology to ensure a smooth performance.


UX architecting
and monetization model

At the first stage, we have started with the investigation of the best technical solution for this task and detailed creation of all functional requirements with the client, prototyping the interface and architecting the UX. Our process was also centered on monetization model and launch strategy development.


Application release

At the end of this stage, the client received a launched application with pretty design and efficient video streaming protocol and now the marketing work could be started, as well as the functionality and subscription options enrichment. Today, the application is available in the AppStore and as it was planned it helps parents to stay calm and ensured about the safety of their children.

No additional equipment at all is needed
The app requires two smartphones or tablets located in one car to operate.
Streaming technology
Online video streaming between two devices that allow you and your child to see each other while having a ride.
Own ultra low latency direct video streaming protocol
Own ultra low latency direct video streaming protocol optimized for iOS devices running in Wi-Fi network without the need to connect to the Internet.

Capture video or photo

The ability to capture video or photo and save it to your phone's gallery to remember some lovely moments.

Remotely lock
and unlock child device

The ability to remotely lock and unlock the child's device screen from the parent's phone.

Multiple subscriptions

Multiple versions and pricing plans with premium features are available as an in-app purchase.

Smart speed
tracking feature

This feature locks the parent's app user interface to ensure the safety of the ride on the high speeds.

Used technologies

Video Custom ultra low latency video streaming protocol optimized for this task
Apple in-app purchases Apple in-app purchases and subscriptions integration
Analytics User behavior analytics and metrics development