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Healthcare Software and
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A trusted healthcare software development company, understands the healthcare industry, including UI standards, HIPAA regulations, and FDA requirements. Our healthcare industry experience enables us to create innovative mobile health (mHealth) applications that are easy to use and full of powerful features. Our custom healthcare software development solutions can also keep up with the constant advances in medicine, allowing our clients to deliver unique, timely products to stay ahead of the competition.

Diffco develops a wide range
of custom healthcare software development solutions, including:



Telemedicine has surged in popularity. A remote telemedicine session with a healthcare provider is often the most convenient way for a patient to receive medical help. The mobile/web telemedicine apps that Diffco develops enable patients to schedule and manage appointments remotely, attend appointments virtually via video or phone, access medical records instantly, and more.

Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

Clinical Decision Support (CDS)

CDS enables healthcare professionals to give individualized patient care. CDS tools include automatic alerts, clinical guidelines, condition-specific orders, patient-specific reports, diagnostic support, and other relevant data. The mobile/web apps we develop for CDS help doctors provide accurate, complete, efficient medical care for patients.



Wellness programs from employers and insurers promote health and fitness. There are programs to stop smoking, lose weight, manage diabetes, get preventive health screenings, and more. Participants in these programs often get insurance discounts and other incentives. Diffco develops wellness apps and websites that improve the user experience, helping patients monitor health-related activities, track progress against goals, and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring, often paired with telemedicine, helps healthcare providers better understand and act on patients’ conditions. Remote monitoring helps improve health outcomes and reduces medical costs. The remote monitoring apps that Diffco develops help track many ailments, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart arrhythmia, and sleep apnea. We can even integrate data from devices that measure vital signs, like blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood oxygen.

Healthcare AI

Healthcare AI

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to drive exponential improvements in the cost, delivery, and administration of healthcare. For example, research shows that AI performs as well as (or better than) humans at diagnosing some diseases. We can build mobile and web AI solutions that adapt to the rapidly changing AI landscape to help our clients stay at the leading edge of healthcare technology solutions.

Electronic prescribing (E-Prescribing)

Electronic prescribing (E-Prescribing)

E-Prescribing enables doctors to prescribe any medication with just a few taps of a screen. The mobile/web apps we develop for E-Prescribing send prescriptions electronically, directly to the pharmacy. The speed, clarity, and accuracy of E-Prescribing is an important factor in optimizing the quality of patient care.

U.S. Health Information Exchange (HIE)

U.S. Health Information Exchange (HIE)

The HIE lets caregivers and patients securely access and share electronic health records. HIE allows data to flow instantly and accurately across networks to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare delivery. The cross-platform web and mobile apps that Diffco develops enable the connectivity, security, and efficacy of HIE.

Health Information System (HIS)

Health Information System (HIS)

HIS enables healthcare providers to better understand both specific healthcare issues and large-scale health trends. For example, HIS can help identify the treatments and interventions that yield the best outcomes. With the HIS mobile/web apps that we develop, doctors can share patients’ electronic medical records, track outcomes, manage billing, and make the best data-driven decisions.

Practice Management System(Practice Management Software)

Practice Management System(Practice Management Software)

Practice Management Systems enable healthcare providers to optimize operations, from patient data and treatment plans to appointment schedules and back-office functions. The practice management web/mobile apps that Diffco develops make it much easier for doctors to manage patient care and administer the business end of their practices.

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine

Healthcare solutions can help animals as well as people! We have developed apps specifically designed for veterinary practices, including scheduling, medication delivery, and real-time communication with animal owners.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

LIMS software automates the operations and management of medical and pharmaceutical labs. The LIMS mobile/web apps that we develop help streamline lab workflows, integrate instrument data, control samples, and process clinical information.

Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

RCM tracks healthcare billing and revenue, from a patient’s first appointment to final payment. The RCM process is complex and time-consuming, due to regulatory and insurance requirements, and often outsourced to third parties. Diffco develops medical billing software and apps that help reduce billing errors, ensure proper coding, comply with regulations, and streamline insurance reimbursements and payments.

Internet of Things (IoT) Medical Device Software

Internet of Things (IoT) Medical Device Software

IoT devices collect data automatically and remotely, so patients don't have to travel to a healthcare facility or try to collect the data themselves. We develop remote patient monitoring apps for IoT medical devices that enable doctors to observe patient data such as: vital signs like pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and body temperature in real time, no matter where the patient is.

What do Diffco healthcare apps provide — for both medical professionals and patients?

Intelligent chatbots that automatically learn about the patient’s condition

Medical imagery analysis and pattern identification

Symptom tracking and analysis

Real-time physical posture detection to monitor proper, healthy ergonomics

Machine-learning algorithms to help optimize treatment strategies

Preventive medicine management

Why choose Diffco for your healthcare software development services?

Our team of senior developers and designers build custom mHealth apps across platforms and devices. We have created effective, user-friendly healthcare and fitness custom software for many years. We know the requirements and challenges of designing great mobile/web solutions for healthcare, and you can entrust your business to our expert development team.

We give you:

Expert custom web and mobile app development

Expert custom web
and mobile app development

On-time delivery with regular progress reporting

On-time delivery
with regular progress reporting

Transparent communication and billing

Transparent communication
and billing

Transparent communication and billing

Full support and continuous development

See our blog about continuous development

Project Stages and Flow

Depending on your current project stage Diffco can work-out and suggest the most effective plan to achieve your goals, launch or release a new version that your users will love.

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Discovery stage

To efficiently plan and run your project, we start with discovery. In this four-step stage, we collaborate with you to align functionality, prioritize business goals, coordinate strategy, and prototype future products. During discovery, we also define your deadlines and budget.


Design stage

After developing a prototype wireframe, our design team starts to create your application style (the app’s “look and feel”). In this stage, we provide you with a full set of UI screens to use for further development.


Development stage

Product development typically evolves across multiple releases, including a minimum viable product (MVP) for the earliest possible release. To speed the process, we use Agile methodology with short sprints, and we run the development stage in parallel with design wireframes, documentation, and mockups.


Ongoing Development, Support,
and Maintenance Stage

After releasing the MVP, our team performs new sprints to speed new releases with additional functionality. And we support and maintain the latest version of the launched app.

Development formats and billing

Time & Materials

The best medical software requires flexible thinking, tweaks to requirements, and shifts in scope. With the T&M approach you won't overpay for risk contingencies that you probably won’t need.
Read our blog for a full analysis

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Time & Materials


Agile software development involves a series of short sprints to ensure rapid, transparent progress toward your product goals. We apply this nimble, responsive approach to incorporate your feedback, adjust priorities as needed, and ensure your approval at every step. We use the Agile best practice because it is more flexible—and less risky—than the linear Waterfall development methodology.

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Our case studies

We've developed an app that helps pet owners find a vet in their area



A brand new way to find a veterinarian and get your pet the necessary treatment in your area.

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How do I make sure my healthcare software solution is HIPAA-compliant?

To ensure that your custom software is HIPAA-compliant, you need to perform a risk analysis and implement technical and administrative safeguards that meet the requirements of the HIPAA regulations. You may also consider hiring a HIPAA compliance consultant or auditor to perform a thorough review of your medical software.

The key HIPAA regulations for healthcare software solutions include the Privacy Rule, the Security Rule, and the Breach Notification Rule. The Privacy Rule sets standards for the use and disclosure of individuals’ health information, while the Security Rule establishes security standards for protecting electronic health records. The Breach Notification Rule requires organizations to notify individuals if their protected health information has been breached. These strict rules are a critical part of custom medical software development. When choosing a healthcare software developer, you should find a team that is educated on such compliance issues; Diffco's team is well-versed and here to help throughout the healthcare application development process.

How long does it take to build an mHealth app?

The time it takes to build an mHealth app varies and depends on several factors, such as the complexity and the available resources. On average, it takes 4 to 6 months to develop a basic mHealth app with limited features. However, a more complex healthcare apps with additional features and functionality can take up to a year or more to develop. It's important to note that the custom software development process is not just about building the app itself, but also includes planning, designing, software testing, and deployment.

Does Diffco provide support after delivering an app?

After delivering an app, the Diffco team can support and maintain the app on an ongoing basis, ensuring quality and adding new functionality as desired.

What if I only need a few dedicated developers - not a whole team with a project manager?

Diffco has a flexible approach to delivering what you need, when you need it. We can provide select talent to augment your internal resources,as well as an end-to-end software development team.

If we have our own design already? Can you just help us go live?

Yes. If you already have a design that you would like us to work with, we can use it as a basis to develop a finished product that meets your specifications. In case your design requires additional elements or improvements, our team will conduct a review.

Other services provided by Diffco

Mobile Development

We specialize in mobile applications native iOS and Android development. Our mobile development team is fluent with the platforms guidelines, UI rules and standards, while an extensive experience allows us to keep attention on tiny peculiarities to deliver powerful, user-friendly and amazing apps.

Back-end Development

We are experienced in high-load and complex backend infrastructures development for mobile or web apps, enterprise services. We are using popular and validated frameworks, what allows us to make truly reliable and scalable solutions specifically-designed for cloud infrastructures.

Front-end development

We specialize in mobile applications native iOS and Android development. Our mobile development team is fluent with the platforms guidelines, UI rules and standards, while an extensive experience allows us to keep attention on tiny peculiarities to deliver powerful, user-friendly and amazing apps.

AI Development

Our team is experienced in data analysis and machine learning cutting edge techniques. We also incorporate our domain knowledge in finances, healthcare, aviation, entertainment, security, IoT and mobility into these solutions. Our data analysis and AI experts are experienced in the major industry standards, which allows us to build any recognitive, detective or predictive system.

Computer vision development

We focus on server and mobile computer vision solutions such as document data recognition, face masking, object detection and more to empower any mobile or web app user experience. Our computer vision developers are experienced in the major industry techniques and provide outstanding advanced algorithm design.

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