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Phew! Is the best friend for your pets and their vets. The bundle of two excellent applications was created specially for pets, their parents and vets to make all of them happier.

Phew! is the bundle
of 2 great apps
for Parents

Thanks to Phew! you do not have to spend time going to the clinic and waiting in a queue any more. Phew! will find the best veterinarians in your area, who are ready to come to you within 1 hour. Your pets will be happy to stay at home and get the necessary treatment.

in your area

Now you have a catalogue of the best vets in your area, based on ratings and feedbacks. All information is being updated in real time, so you see who is available right now and ready for emergency visit or who can schedulea plant visit to you.

Book an Appointment
for your Pets!
certified vets

All Phew! vets are certified practicing vets, who work with us on a regular basis and take care about all Phew! users and their pets. We constantly monitor and collect all feedbacks from the clients and really care about the quality of services, applications and our vets team.


You can contact vets directly from the application and get answer to your question, necessary recommendations on the treatment and expert opinion. The vet immediately sees the request and pet’s details and gets push notifications.

Detailed examination
and treatment

Each visit consists of a detailed examination under SOAP standards (symptoms, objective, assessment/diagnoses, prescriptions). After the examination, you receive an e-copy with all the information to your mobile phone.


Personal and payment data is secured by Stripe and bank level security.

for Vets

Mobile application for veterinarians, which allows them to get clients directly from the mobile application. Just switch your online status and wait for clients’ requests, it is simpler than Uber, but for veterinarians.

Easy communication

Phew! gives you easy communication between clients and vets. You immediately receive push notifications with request and pet’s details, reply with a text message or confirm a booked appointment.

examination form

Each Phew! visit consists of a detailed examination under SOAP standards (symptoms, objective, assessment/diagnoses, prescriptions) to be filled in from a mobile device and sent by one tap. After the visit you and your client will have an e-copy of this report.

No excess actions
and paperwork

You do not have to worry about payments, processing and paperwork anymore. Phew! accepts payments and transfers them straight to Vet bank account. No more red tape, you can focus on pet treatment.


All the appointments are shown in the calendar so that you don’t miss them. Phew! is your personal organizer, which registers appointments and reminds you about them.

Financial statistic

Phew! helps to monitor your personal effectiveness. You can also get your financial statistics right in the application, all the information is available there, and you can have a look at the figures any time you want.

Phew Native iPhone app
developed on Swift
Phew Phew Phew Phew Phew
MVP development time: 3 months
Client’s review

Diffco is an excellent choice for startups. The most important thing for us is to move fast and maintain great product quality. Diffco was very responsive, professional and delivered on all the challenges with a very short notice.

Soren Azorian, CEO and Co-founder at Phew!

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