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Statistical and predictive COVID-19 analysis with powerful visualizations

StopCorona provides global and regional statistical information for the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak. We have collected all the critical information to help the community with the pandemic response.

Stopcorona Stopcorona

Created and developed by Diffco

The project was born and fully implemented within our team. We have used the combined experience of our best professionals to make our contribution to the fight against COVID-19.

Different levels of tracking by area

See multidimensional information in a structured way. Track insightful statistical data and view charts per single country, city or even district. Switch between the areas simply by searching or navigating the lists.

Global statistics

Investigate four core parameters and monitor the change in trends daily.


Detailed information for the areas

Learn more about the spread of COVID-19 in any area by comparing the hospital resource use, proportion of the population infected, age groups and more.


Powerful visualizations

When it comes to presenting multidimensional and complex data to users, visualization plays a critical role. To show the information to our users in the most convenient and structured way, we have built a range of interactive charts.

Daily tendency

Bar charts represent the daily statistics, which help to monitor the coronavirus spread trends.


Area preview

Each bigger area has a hierarchy of smaller regions inside, so that users can track their exact location and neighboring cities, states, or countries. Monitor the virus outbreak within the country, state or see the differences between neighboring regions within the country.


When might the COVID-19 pandemic end?

Predictive Monitoring of COVID-19

We have used a common SIR model (Susceptible, Infectious, or Recovered compartmental model in epidemiology) to simulate the coronavirus spread and predict the amount of cases in the future for global, country and state levels. It is used with daily case data from different areas to estimate the pandemic development trends and predict when the pandemic might end. The predictions are updated with the changes in the case data and can be compared with the different responses all over the world.


Hospital resource use

Projected resource usage depicts the comparison of healthcare system capacity to the modeled need required by COVID-19 patients in the selected countries, taking into consideration the normal resource usage.


Powerful map

Investigate the global statistics by visualizing an interactive outbreak map. The map was specifically designed and optimized for comfortable work on any device.


3D bar chart for the USA

Using Kepler data analysis functionality, we have implemented a 3D cases visualization for the USA to make the data understanding easier.


Comparison of rate of increase of confirmed cases by country

Investigate the speed of the infection spread across the countries and compare it to the measures taken. The line angle depicts the rate directly, helping complex data to become readable by everyone.


COVID-19 testing application integration

We have integrated our partner's TestDirectly application to allow users to sign up for the virus tests today and antibody tests in the future.

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