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Create stunning baby photos at home using just your phone.

First AI-powered app created to capture precious memories and transform them into beautiful baby portraits.

Memories to last a lifetime.

Twinklestar Twinklestar

newborn photos

The TwinkleStar app creates professional-grade newborn photographs with a simple phone camera. No more complicated equipment, props, skills, or expensive studio appointments needed.


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Step 1

Take a few great pictures
of your baby.

TwinkleStar will guide you
through the process.


Step 2

Select a template
for your masterpiece.

Our smart solution will create a perfect portrait from your phone image and the template.


Step 3

timeless memories.

Memories created with the app can be printed into an album or on canvas.

Convenient photo making process

Just choose the best angle to catch that perfect moment. TwinkleStar will guide you through a simple step-by-step process to help you create the best shot.

Twinklestar Twinklestar Twinklestar

Position the photo
on 500+ templates

TwinkleStar offers a selection of classic and unique templates, each inspired by professional baby photo trends. Create a set of timeless portraits that truly complement your baby.


We taught AI to create timeless portraits

The app seamlessly integrates a photo from your phone into one of 500+ templates. TwinkleStar carefully highlights and enhances your baby’s unique facial features and natural beauty. Creating professional baby photos has never been easier.

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Share priceless moments

Photos created with the TwinkleStar app can be easily printed into a photo album or on canvas. Share the first memories of your newborn with friends and family.

Subscription plans

Choose your plan today or try a free, 7-day trial with TwinkleStar.


Idea and creation process

The TwinkleStar app brings the original idea of the perfect baby picture into reality. We took the original idea, analyzed all the potential use cases and requirements, and then designed a user flow in the following stages:

Twinklestar Twinklestar

UI Prototypes

TwinkleStar is more than just a photo app for us. We wanted to make sure that everyone would have an easy, amazing experience creating timeless memories.

Our team created a detailed set of interface prototypes and tested dozens of ideas to reach the perfect combination of convenience, speed and intuitiveness.


Facial recognition
and artificial intelligence

For the TwinkleStar project, we developed a unique newborn facial recognition solution. The technology detects key facial characteristics, including head, mouth and nose shapes. While developing this solution, our main goal was to detect and preserve each baby’s unique facial features and mimics on each photo created. During the R&D stage, our team tested out various solutions for 3D model creation based on 2D photos.


Technologies used



Library and tools for real-time computer vision tasks



C++ toolkit containing machine learning algorithms and tools



iOS systems calls and libraries for camera control, facial detection and recognition, 3D and augmented reality features


Firebase ML

Machine learning kit for mobile devices



Library for machine learning, building and training deep neural networks



Machine learning library based on the Torch library, used for applications such as computer vision and natural language processing



Pre-trained model and solution for 3D facial reconstruction, popular implementation of PRN, a method to jointly regress dense alignment and end-to-end 3D facial shapes



Pre-trained model and solution for 3D facial reconstruction, new alignment framework termed 3D Dense Face Alignment (3DDFA), in which a dense 3D Morphable Model (3DMM) is fitted to the image via Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks

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And now we’re glad to introduce
the TwinkleStar iOS application

TwinkleStar app is a unique newborn facial recognition solution that seamlessly integrates a photo from your phone into one of 500+ templates. In this project, we combined an original idea with robust AI technologies to achieve professional-looking baby photos created using just your phone.

Create lifetime memories with TwinkleStar!


Client review


We were looking for a team that would help us prototype the product itself as well as the mobile app and handle the application launch. With Diffco, it was incredibly easy to follow the overall process. They guided us through stages, explained the details, and helped with prioritization and product strategy. We performed the initial R&D stage, tested out various solutions to work out a clear vision of our strategy, and launched the MVP version to test the market and get first users. As a startup, we also looked for continuous support, and the Diffco team provides it to us. I’m sure of a successful future for Twinklestar, and I'm happy to recommend Diffco.

Eugeniya Pasterskaya

CEO and Founder Twinklestar

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