Genius is a manufacturer and supplier of the unique Genius Pipes. Moreover, Genius is a community of people united by one brand and common interests. Alongside Genius growth, Diffco has been creating IT platforms and projects for Genius that help the company to expand its business and enter new market segments.

Genius Pipe
online store

It allows you to select and order Genius Pipe and various accessories. Multiple payment options and delivery methods are supported.
Logan - Limited Edition

Design your pipe

You can be the designer of your own Genius Pipe, which can be customized online and ordered for yourself or your friends. You can choose different colors for any part of the Genius Pipe or upload your own pattern which makes your Genius Pipe unique and personal.

Genius Karma

Loyalty program for members of the Genius community. It allows you to earn Karma points, which can be used to purchase Genius goods. Also, the conversion to various cryptocurrencies is possible, which allows users to exchange and trade Karma points.
Genius Karma

Wholesale store

A Genius merchandise store for wholesalers and distributors. Here Genius wholesale customers can select and order large quantities of goods with multiple options to pay online and an order tracking service.

Genius Pipe Code

Licensing platform which protects Genius products and customers. The technology developed is used to control and verify the originality of products to avoid illegal copying. Each released Genius pipe receives a special individual code that is engraved on it and can be scanned. This code allows each customer to register the pipe on the Genius website and link it to a personal Genius profile.
Genius Pipe Code
Long cooperation
For many years Diffco has been helping Genius with the development, launch, and expansion of internal and customer-facing IT projects alongside its business growth.
New version of corporate and online store
The cornerstone task was the development of the new corporate website. For Genius, it was critical to build a new platform on Shopify as it connected with many established business processes with integration with external services and providers. Genius also needed to expand Shopify functionality and design a more flexible architecture for future business goals. In Diffco we have successfully found a custom solution for this. Another important platform enhancement was the development of the Genius Karma loyalty program.
A new website was successfully developed within 4 months. Since then, we have continued the design and development of the new features and services, like a special merchants store, Genius social network and product originality verification system. Currently, all the projects are supported by Diffco and we are preparing to launch a blockchain project that will allow holders of Genius Karma to use it as a cryptocurrency.
Personal Genius Page
Personal Genius Page
A social network for the Genius community. Each member receives an individually designed personal page on the platform to post and share artworks.
Genius Kode
Genius Kode
A personal discount and referral system that allows every member to get discounts on Genius products and earn Karma points, as well as to invite friends to the Genius community.
Genius Karma Products
Genius Karma Products
Genius Karma Products is a catalog of Genius products that can be purchased using Genius Karma points.
Genius Exchange
Genius Exchange
Genius Exchange is an exchange platform, which allows users to convert Genius Karma into Bitcoin or buy Genius Karma with Bitcoin.
Technical stack
Symfony framework, Doctrine ORM, PostgreSQL
Shopify Platform (Shopify PLUS, Liquid templates, Admin API, Plugins API, Shopify Scripts)
Coinbase integration
Stripe, integration
gulp, LESS, jQuery
Twitter Bootstrap

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