Parodist is an AI-driven application that uses face morphing technology. With Parodist it is easy to create a breathtaking movie parody, where you appear in a world-wide popular and legendary movie or TV show. In just a few intuitive steps, you can enter your favorite movie to take the place of a real actor.

Proprietary face recognition and morphing technology

We have achieved an increased number of detection points (72) to provide a detailed and high-quality mask, as well as an advanced angle of rotation (> 45 degrees) to allow face substitution in almost every scene.

Face recognition technology by

High performance has been achieved by developing several recognition algorithms and adapting the whole solution for the mobile and server platforms.

Technology Features

Face landmark detection using 70 points
Angle-aware morphing
Masks support angles of more than 45 degrees with a possibility to extend to 65 degrees
0.04s detection speed
Cross-platform solution (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android)
Optimized for mobile iOS and Android operations
Hard detecting modes - a set of high-quality heavy algorithms, suited for cloud server-side execution
Identity recognition
Flexible and highly customizable solution
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Face tracking in the movies

Face tracking allows control of the actor's face for natural and seamless substitution.

Face morphing and masks

The mask is the image of your or friend's face, which can be easily created just after the application starts. As a great feature, Parodist offers multiple face substitutions in one video, so that you use your and your friends' masks for several actors in one cut.

The mask creation interface is simple. Users just need to put their face into the frame and make a capture. The self-developed technology then creates a digital version of the face and inserts it in the movie in seconds.

video iframe

Record own audio and correct the video

The application allows users to record and post-process their own voice samples and to put them directly into the scenes, changing the speech of the real actor. This offers even more fun, as any movie can be further transformed to become personal and unique. The mask automatically adopts the mouth movements to fit the recorded voice. In addition to the existing video editing functions, a color correction feature has been added to the application to make users feel like real movie editors.

Share the parody

The visibility level can be selected for each parody. If you have created something personal or private, you can select the “personal” visibility level. If you want to share your perfect parody with the whole community, you can use the public feed. This feed is the heart of Parodist, where likes and comments flow. It is a place for everyone where your videos and the videos of the community and of friends are available.

Rich catalogue of genres
and video samples

Parodist application offers a variety of most known movie cuts sorted by genres. All videos are stored in cloud content delivery network (CDN) with instant, rapid access on demand. A simple catalogue provides a list of available videos. To allow fast switching between available masks, video preview, and video creation, all the controls needed can be used directly in the player, allowing you to create a parody within seconds.

Creator's profile

In the same way as for other modern apps, the user profile function allows you to tell the community who you are and to present your unique and creative personality.

Technologies used

We have performed specific research and developed a custom and calibrated algorithm to offer highly efficient performance for the ultimate user experience.

Diffco face detection
and recognition
Web Services
2D/3D modeling
Face morphing
Deep learning (AI)

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