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Built on Flashgrid KBS

A customized solution with a practical knowledge base and an easy-to-reach support team.

Flashgrid KBS
Flashgrid KBS Flashgrid KBS Flashgrid KBS

Knowledge Base

Articles and product instructions in the knowledge base include technical specifications to assist FlashGrid users with product setup and deployment. Customers can set up a support ticket for an in-depth consultation.

Flashgrid KBS

Ticket System

The ticket system allows users to contact the support team directly for detailed assistance. When a user initiates a support ticket, the platform offers a solution from the knowledge base. Now FlashGrid customers can easily resolve their issues.

Flashgrid KBS
Flashgrid KBS

The FlashGrid Help Center Was Built on the Zendesk Platform

This solution was built on a reliable and functional Zendesk platform with customization specifically applied to fit the needs of this project. This platform ensures easy scalability, which is perfect for growing a business while allowing multiple integrations. The main challenge for our team has been to build smart and sophisticated features that help users find the necessary information and communicate effectively with the company.

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Personalized Sections for Each Product and Solution

As we worked on this project, one of our main tasks was to create an easy-to-use catalog and hierarchical system, so that any information about FlashGrid products, services or solutions, could be easily spotted.

Flashgrid KBS

Smart Search

The updated search system investigates the categories of products that show the most relevant information.

Flashgrid KBS

Customized Search Algorithm

The initial search algorithm had a restricted functionality, which hasn’t allowed for searching for specific articles to solve customers’ issues. We have customized the knowledge base search algorithm to make everything more efficient to help our FlashGrid clients.

Flashgrid KBS
Flashgrid KBS

Your Support Profile with Request History

Each FlashGrid user can find current and previous support tickets collected in one interface, which makes it easier to review any needed items or to check the status of your current tickets.

Flashgrid KBS
Flashgrid KBS

Custom Backup and Migration System for Zendesk

Our team has developed a set of tools to back up and restore the system to a new platform. We have also created a customized migration solution to transfer knowledge base articles, UI and other components from the previous Zendesk platform to one that has been newly updated.

Support Ticket Form

This system also required customization. Because every company has its own specific ticket form for requirements, our team has built a custom template to fit the specific needs of the company and its customers.


Diffco has developed the knowledge base platform and structured it as a user friendly system so that all technical information about FlashGrid products can be found with ease. A custom solution was built to fit FlashGrid’s needs. The platform ensures easy scalability which is useful for a growing business, enabling multiple integrations. Thank you Diffco!

Emil Sildos

Chief Revenue Officer of FlashGrid

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Flashgrid KBS Flashgrid KBS

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