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We have developed a cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionize the writing process, particularly for university-related tasks such as article and essay writing, as well as other assessments.

Nift AI stands out with its user-friendly interface and personalized guidance,
tailored to address the unique questions and needs of each user.


4 powerful features launched


Fine-tuned AI system

Enables user to have a non-restrictive, personalized, and useful experience that maintains academic integrity.

In site workspace

Allows users to work directly on the website without having to switch tabs. Also allows conversation to happen simultaneously.


Conversation organization system

Allows users to create color coded folders that houses the chats.

Adaptable conversation tone

Choose from 5 different levels of tone determined by grade/experience of the user.



The solution powered by advanced AI technologies like ChatGPT
and LLM offers personalized guidance significantly enhancing accessibility and support.


We developed Nift Website

The Nift website stands out for its user-friendly design, offering effortless navigation and quick access to its comprehensive AI tutoring services. Its streamlined interface ensures that users can efficiently find the resources they need, enhancing their online learning experience.


Admin panel

The admin panel of the Nift website excels in offering robust controls for managing AI settings and monitoring its effectiveness, allowing administrators to adapt based on user feedback. Additionally, it streamlines the management of user subscriptions, blending standard functionalities with advanced management features for enhanced operational efficiency.

Technologies used

Google Maps

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