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Chain of amazing escape rooms

QUESTROOM provides a new type of entertainment and a great way to exercise and refresh one’s brain.

The player is placed in an immersive environment filled with puzzles. The goal is to work out all the problems to find the way out of the room within the time limit.

Work as a team to discover clues, solve mysteries, think out of the box, and use all the available items one finds, combined with logic and senses to find the way out.


Emotional design

A very important part of Questroom is creating the right impressions and emotions for the players, with full immersion into the game’s atmosphere and plot.

The company’s site is the first contact with the players, and it was very important for us to develop an individual style and design for every room to emphasize its uniqueness.


Responsive UI

According to statistics, the majority of the site visitors view it from mobile devices, that is why we provide a very simple, convenient and great-to-use design.


Online booking

There is a simple and convenient online booking system on the page of every room. By using this, the user can choose from the times available for the quest and pay for the order online for the necessary number of participants.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay

For the majority of users with Apple devices we added a convenient button to pay in one click via Apple Pay. No more wasting time putting in credit card details.

Gift card purchase

Gift card

If one wants to present a quest as a gift to one’s friend or family, it is very convenient to do it online at the site.

Just enter the payer’s and receiving person’s contact details and pay for the gift card at the site. If desired, the card can be sent directly to the recipient's e-mail and immediately bring joy to him/her.

Integration with statistics systems

Integration with
statistics systems

We paid special attention to conversion and user’s behavior at the site. That is why the site and the booking form are fully integrated with statistics systems and advertising campaigns for data collection and analysis of work results, amount and average price of orders.



ERP system for the company’s operation and automation of its activities, as well as provision of convenient services for the clients and employees, was specially developed for Questroom. The system is a complex set of modules designed to solve different tasks.

Rooms Timetable


This module allows the administrator to create new rooms in the system and manage their settings and schedules. Individual schedule of work and maintenance for every room, age limitations, minimal and maximal number of players, etc. - could be all set. Flexible pricing allows setting individual prices for any slot.

Bookings & Orders

& Orders

The module allows the site to accept and process any orders and also to manage them. The system can accept orders from different sources (e.g., corporate site, telephone, e-mail) and we record the order source.

The manager can create an order manually, and accept user’s payment via terminal or credit card in the interface. The system also accepts payments by Yelp Deal and Tripadvisor coupons. Flexible booking system allows changing and rescheduling the order after it is made.

Additional payments


The manager can add additional payments to the order for services and products; such changes will be stored in the order history.


Manager’s actions

The system monitors the working procedure in the Questroom, checks that the managers get clients to start their quests on time, mark it in the system, and then close the game and fill in all the necessary data based on the results of the quest and attach the photos taken during the session. In addition, the system controls the number of participants and the waiver for each of them.

Client notifications
and reminders

The system has a multifunctional module of player notifications about various stages and events within the services provided. After the order is made, the player receives an e-mail and SMS notification about the order. The e-mail notification has all the order and quest details, instructions for preparing for the game, time of arrival, parking options, terms and requirements.

Also the player receives an e-waiver, which should be filled in before the game and sent to other participants. The day before, and then 2 hours prior the game, the client receives additional notifications, reminding her/him about the quest. After completing the quest, the client and all the participants receive a message with congratulations and results of the quest, gift coupons and photos.


Are you ready
to have a GREAT TIME?

Dear JohnSmith
Your friend Alex First just booked an awesome escape room at QUESTROOM

Press here
to sign your waiver

We look forward to seeing you, have a good day!

E-waiver and
phone verification

Together with the order details, the player receives a link to the e-waiver, which can be filled in before the quest or on the spot via a manager’s mobile device. Besides verifying the the user’s mobile phone number, it allows the company to have a database of existing players’ numbers for communicating with them and recording their history of games. After the waiver is filled in, the system provides a convenient function for sending the waiver to other participants of the game by e-mail.

Team rating and
wall of honor

The system automatically records results of each team in order to award (give gift coupons) the winners and leaders.

Besides keeping the records in the Leader board for every room, they are displayed in online mode at our site and at info boards at the locations. Every visitor of Questroom can challenge the leaders and see his/her happy face on the Leader board after leaving the room.


Access level


The system has several levels of access rights, which allow it to define what access level will be given to each user. System managers have full access to the booking system and order management so that they can operate their facility. The system administrator has full access to all the locations and has the overview of the company’s work.


Quest history and
participant’s profile

Every quest is stored to the participant’s profile, which is created automatically when a waiver is signed. Thus every participant of Questroom in all the locations receives an individual account in the system, where all the games’ histories, successes and wins, and photos are stored, in order to give gifts to the most active participants and to invite them to the new rooms.

Coupons and
gift cards

This module supports a variety of coupons of different types (with a fixed value, %, limits of use, and which can be used at a certain time on certain days of the week for a certain room), and is also able to create gift cards that can be automatically sent to the gift holder and applied to any order at the site.



Statistics module was developed to monitor company’s performance, collect financial data and create a KPI system. This module collects full statistics for all the quests and analyses them to provide a detailed report about the locations and room availability/non-availability; the most popular order types; financial data for each location and the company in general; results of work of partners; and coupon systems to attract customers.


Client’s review

Diffco is our reliable partner in the development of mobile and web projects. When we started working on Questroom we knew that we can reckon on the Diffco team with absolute certainly.

We wanted the Questroom project to have a great looking and convenient design, and a responsive interface that would appeal to our clients, and knew that the Diffco team would do it perfectly. Besides, the task of developing an internal CRM/ERP system that could meet our special requirements was very important.

The Diffco team accomplished the task successfully, and now Questroom has a unique software solution, which none of the escape rooms in the market have.

Ivan Petrushin, Founder at Questroom

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