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Field investigation card

Mobile application for US Police Officers

Field investigation card Field investigation card
Field investigation card

The application is designed for U.S. police officers to provide them a simple and convenient solution to fill in a Field Investigation Card, avoid excessive paperwork and stay focused on their job. Police officer who work in the field usually need a method to register the case/event, fill in all necessary data about the subject, his/her companions and the vehicle.

FIC app provides a modern and helpful mobile app which was strictly developed under police protocol and requirements. It makes this process simple and organized - no more paper forms.

ID Scanner

Allows the officer to scan a subject’s driver’s license or ID in less than a second, and to input the data to the application. This saves a lot of time and allows the officer to not get distracted by routine. The recognition is done at the device, i.e., it works even if there is no Internet connection.

A special driver’s license recognition technology developed by Diffco.

Field investigation card
Field investigation card
Intellectual filling-in process

UI and logics of the form ideally comply to the standard protocol of communication with the subject while inputting data. No more distractions or unwanted jumping between the questions; you can scroll from one question to another.

We researched the filing process police officers usually do with paper forms, and with the requirements and circumstances they usually have during this process. Our goal was to optimize the filing process in the app to make it simpler, faster and more organized, and to allow the officer to stay focused on their job.

Field investigation card
Location tracking for Police department

Your location data is transmitted online to the police department, so that everything stays under control.

139 Carson, Sunnyvale, CA, 94023

GPS: 57.23556, 102.20456

Field investigation card
Subject: Scars/Marks/Tattoos

A convenient tool in the application allows the officer to take photos of face and body marks, divide them into categories (scars/marks/tattoos) and save them to the report for further use.

For security reasons such photos are immediately sent to the server in the background mode, while you are filling in the rest of the report fields.

Field investigation card
Field investigation card
Field investigation card
Vehicle photos

The application also allows taking photos of vehicles, sorting them by categories and attaching the photos to the report.

After the report is generated, all the data is sent to officer corporate e-mail and the police department servers. They don’t have to carry documents with such information any more and worry about their safety.

Field investigation card
Data security

FIC app sets special requirements to the data security, which is why storage and transfer of all the data are safely protected with the help of encryption technologies and keys of increased complexity.

We have conducted external audit and tests of all application software and infrastructure: the audit and tests were successful, and we continually repeat them.

Client’s review

Field investigation card

My experience with Diffco US has been nothing short of amazing. Their work ethic and attention to detail should be emulated in all industries.

It’s a joy working with the Diffco team. The development team has lessened the stress on so many occasions, that all I can say is thank you and keep up the great work.

Field investigation card
John Saba, CEO at L.E. Solutions

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