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SRG Blockchain system

SRG blockchain is a complex of decentralized blockchain subsystems, middleware and microservices designed as a solid platform. It was created to be a part of the SRG ecosystem and provide a blockchain infrastructure for a gamers loyalty program.

SRG Blockchain
SRG Blockchain

Blockchain system selection

The initial task required the development of a custom blockchain solution as the project had a set of special requirements which could not be fully satisfied by the functionality and possibilities of other well-known blockchain solutions.

Our goal was to research and find the best overall option based on functional possibilities, customization opportunities, costs, and reliability. We compared a variety of popular options as well as development from scratch and opted for EOS as a base for our custom blockchain platform consisting of the private and public (Mainnet) subsystems. EOS Mainnet offers a customizable token type with optimal operating expenses.

Private blockchain in 2 months

After selecting a suitable blockchain platform and analyzing the client's business requirements and functional needs, our architects and developers prepared the first version of the private blockchain system within 2 months.

This solution provided high flexibility and control for SRG maintainers, as well as making user functionality simpler. SRG private blockchain is a completely isolated system, where most transactions are free of charge for system users and SRG covers the computing costs, as well as controlling the security and availability of the system. On the other hand, the system is transparent for all parties as it is blockchain based.

SRG Blockchain
SRG Blockchain

Smart contract in EOS Mainnet

In order to expand the private network functionality, we have launched a smart contract in the EOS main network, which allows users to transfer tokens into the external networks for trading. The public blockchain connector and smart contract were developed after the core system release, which allowed our team to work on the other system components.

SRG Blockchain

Various reward types

SRG platform has several reward payouts to users, which are based on gamers' activity, purchase payments and transaction fee. These payments are implemented to work automatically. In addition, users may transfer assets between each other.

SRG Blockchain

Encrypted wallet

The SRG wallet is encrypted with the user’s key to ensure complete security. To prevent users losing access to their wallets we have developed a complex and secure way to recover them and provide this service to all users who initially agreed to store their keys in the protected SRG environment. As an additional security level, we have added 2FA authentication to prevent unauthorized access to the user's assets.

Own token in EOS blockchain

GMP is a proprietary token created by us for SRG. It is used for all internal operations and trading on cryptocurrency markets and exchanges.

SRG Blockchain

Integration with withdrawal system

A payment service is integrated to allow fiat withdrawal. It allows users to convert GMP into US dollars and easily send money to a credit card or PayPal wallet.

SRG Blockchain

Blockchain scanner

For increased system transparency, we have launched a web-based service, which reflects all the activity in the SRG private blockchain. Users can review wallets, blocks and live transactions records and navigate through the whole history.

SRG Blockchain

Blockchain-powered solution at its best

This was a complex project to accomplish in such a short time frame. Now, the blockchain system is up and running, while our development team is working on the other components of the system.

SRG Blockchain

Client’s review

SRG was looking for a technical partner to develop a platform for the loyalty program in the mobile gaming industry. For us, an agile approach to building the infrastructure, extensive experience in custom Fintech solutions were critical. Diffco fits all that criteria, as well as they are well-coordinated and willingfull to share the ideas. We have successfully developed and launched our product and continue to work with Diffco as part of our global strategy and technical support.

SRG Blockchain Eli Borodaci, CTO at SRG

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