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We've delivered a powerful corporate website for the enterprise segment



Our goal for this project was to create a powerful corporate website for a rapidly growing team. The design of the FlashGrid website was intentionally developed in the enterprise business style with a coherent structure, easy navigation, and apprehensibility in the description of each product.

Empowering CI/CD Process with LLM Models Integration for Mobile App Testing

  • AI

  • CI/CD

  • LLM


An innovative solution that utilizes LLM models to streamline the automatic testing process in the CI/CD pipeline for mobile applications. The project focuses on enhancing testing efficiency and speed, minimizing routine human intervention. Our role was crucial in assisting the client to seamlessly integrate the latest AI models into their release cycle, thereby enabling faster, more stable releases and augmenting their business process automation.

Under NDA

Revolutionizing Corporate Education with a Personalized Learning Platform



  • UI/UX

A comprehensive corporate education platform, designed to empower our client, an enterprise IT infrastructure software, to educate and train their sales and channel partners. The platform's key focus is on delivering an intuitive navigation experience for users, along with seamless content management, ensuring that the platform remains up-to-date and relevant. Our solution excels in offering a personalized and individual approach to learning, allowing users to tailor their learning experience to their needs, while also motivating them to actively engage in the learning process.

Under NDA
Personalized Learning Platform - NDA

We've implemented an excellent technology of sound transmission over WiFi

  • IOT



Clovitek produces a wireless audio transmitter that connects to a TV to transmit the audio over a wireless network to multiple devices.

We launched a corporate website for B2B data provider


The corporate website for ORB Intelligence company, which enables B2B sales, marketing analytics and account master data management.


We've created an app that turns your device into a child monitoring system in your car



Monitor what is happening in the back seat while driving to be sure that your child is enjoying the ride.

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