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SRG is a loyalty program for mobile gamers built on blockchain technology.


Tool for players to earn bonuses

The main goal of the project is to provide an opportunity for players to earn bonuses by playing their favorite games, being active in the system and inviting new players.


Cryptocurrency exchange possibility

Bonuses earned by players are not just achievements. They are also cryptocurrency, based on the so-called GMP token. This token can be transferred to other players, used to purchase special game items, and sent to an external EOS network to be sold or exchanged on trading markets.

SRG system includes:

SRG iOS и Android apps
SRG Partner interface
SRG Adaptive Web app
SRG Scanner


  • SRG

    Initial task

    The initial task of the project was to design all the components of the product in the most detailed and comprehensive way possible, while discussing various implementation options and choosing the most optimal technical solution.

  • SRG

    Design and functional requirements

    The work on the project was divided into several design stages for each component of the project: blockchain platform, backend, mobile applications, web applications, partner’s panel, and administrative control panel. In the process of designing each of the project’s components, Diffco worked out a complete list of functional requirements, technologies, and architecture options.

  • SRG

    Planning and implementation

    Within 2 months, all parts of the project were designed, and a full roadmap of the project was compiled for 8 months.

  • SRG

    Launch and further support

    Currently, the project is at the final stage of preparation for the first release and deployment of production infrastructure. The client is planning several more major releases for the future and we will provide ongoing support.



User's account and wallet

The convenient player’s personal dashboard is accessible from the application on a mobile phone or web browser. With an account, the player receives a wallet for GMP, which can be connected to his/her EOS wallet for withdrawing GMP tokens. The wallet is available directly from the user’s phone, tablet or desktop and does not require installation of additional software or understanding about how a blockchain works. Moreover, users do not even need to work with private or public keys to make the transactions.

SRG service platforms

(iPhone, iPad)
Android Android
(phone, tablet)
Angular Adaptive
web application

Partner games

Games from partners are available in a catalog with a quick mobile phone installation function. The game screen offers the opportunity to familiarize with the game in advance, see reviews and ratings of other players, and leave your own feedback.



The ability to send invites to friends in various games for spending time together and earning new GMPs.


Mobile gaming industry updates

News feed of the project, partners and the gaming industry with hottest release announcements and gaming world experts reviews.


Ability to educate users

Training and promotional materials on working in the system and increasing the effectiveness of your referral network.


Financial reporting and transactions history

Full financial statistics of the user's referral network and management of his/her wallet with accumulated GMP.


Partner's interface

Partner’s personal account with full statistics on the partner’s games, players’ registrations and activities, news, and important notifications about the project.


SRG Scanner

Public blockchain explorer, in which you can see all the open information about the operation of the internal blockchain platform, wallets and transactions.


EOS-based GMP token

An internal blockchain platform based on EOS in which all operations in the system are performed: emission and burning of bonus points, transfers and payments between players and partners. It is also integrated with the EOS Mainnet for GMP token exchange between the Mainnet and internal blockchain platform.


Technical features

Android SDK Android SDK/NDK
Doctrine Doctrine
Symfony Framework Symfony Framework
Docker Docker
jQuery jQuery
Webpack Webpack
Angular Angular
RabbitMQ RabbitMQ
EOS token EOS token
Smart contracts Smart contracts

Client’s review

SRG was looking for a technical partner to develop a platform for the loyalty program in the mobile gaming industry. For us, an agile approach to building the infrastructure, extensive experience in custom Fintech solutions were critical. Diffco fits all that criteria, as well as they are well-coordinated and willingfull to share the ideas. We have successfully developed and launched our product and continue to work with Diffco as part of our global strategy and technical support.

SRG Eli Borodaci, CTO at SRG

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