Aerostarter - service for anyone within the aviation community filled with multiple features for flight schools, instructors, pilots and flying enthusiasts.

Web service for anyone within the aviation community with multiple features for flight schools, instructors, pilots and flying enthusiasts.

How it all began:

It started with just an idea that went contagious among our team members! Sharing a passion for flying, having completed multiple aviation-related projects and having a strong desire for innovation, we nurtured the idea to change the world of sky exploring. It is brought to life in an all-inclusive web & mobile service that unites flight schools, clubs, instructors, pilots, students and flying enthusiasts by implementing a smart matching system to find each other. It helps to streamline the collaboration among streamline the collaboration among all parties involved, to automate the process, to manage all reservations and schedule through a convenient online system.

What we did:

To change the world of aviation to make it easily accessible for anyone, we implemented numerous features for each of the user cases:

Students will enjoy the following benefits:

  • An intelligent system that will help identify the right path for a student and will provide reliable match for the right instructors/aircraft providers in his/her area.
  • Secure account for scheduling, pilot log with flying hours, easy payments for reservations and an option for online reminders about the upcoming events.
  • Option for instant purchase of a discovery flight and/or a gift card.

Instructors and flight schools will receive these perks:

  • Large pool of new students and a free and super modern web page that is responsive to search systems
  • Secure online system that allows for easy interaction with students and aircraft provider, automates scheduling, invoicing and credit card payments.

Flight schools get to enjoy all of the listed benefits:

  • Opportunities for attracting a large pool of new students and expert instructors.
  • Free and super modern web page that is responsive to search systems.
  • Secure online system that will automate bookings, scheduling, billing and payments with minimal commission. Save time for your staff, as clients’ interaction will be through this web service!

How we did it: We did it through a lot of research, market and trend analysis, interviews with multiple instructors, enthusiasts and flying schools/clubs.

Top faces:

Evgeny Nasonov - CTO: This project allowed us to fully show creativity combining software solutions with business logic.

Vadim Peskov - CEO: Aerostarter is a very exciting projects not only since it is an innovative breakthrough web service, but also since it is our brand new startup!

The outcome:

We launched a landing promo page to present the product and the offered services. This allowed us in a short time to attract a large audience and subscribers to the project and alfa testing and to collect the needed feedback. Stay tuned during the development while we are working hard to launch this project.

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