About us

Diffco US, Inc. has been in business since 2008 with international arena exposure. With our offices located in USA and Europe, we service clients worldwide and deliver outstanding and effective results in extreme deadlines by applying agile methodology. Our services include web and mobile design, software development, mobile applications (iOS and Android), MVP for startups and product consulting, online marketing and technical support.

Whether it is a startup that needs a stunning web or mobile application to promote the rapid conversion growth and/or MVP development; or a corporate company that needs a complex project development – our team of experts is here for you! We do not offer just development and consulting, we give you effective solutions.

Our executive team

Vadim Peskov

Having launched many projects on international arena, Vadim brings an elegant touch to any project and makes it effective.

Since Vadim worked on projects from around the globe, he accumulated a full suitcase of leading technology and business solutions that he shares with our clients. Being a creative perfectionist, our CEO ensures that each application is flawless and absolute. He does not back down from any challenge, but he does back down for a cookie.

Evgeny Nasonov

Evgeny speaks tech and breathes code. Having received the Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

He is our guru of software engineering, the master of cross team management and the pro of IT-infrastructure development. Being very thorough and detailed with each project, he ensures that it is perfect and functional. Yes, work is his passion, therefore he works during his vacation and at night :-)

Our Services

Mobile development
Web development
Maintenance support

Our mission

With Diffco US you will see what awesome looks like! Diffco US elevates your idea to a different level and transforms it into an absolute project. We will deliver solutions that resolve your tasks instantly and help you reach the business goals. The completed project will be filled with leading technology and analytics tools which will effectively drive your business to success. Our main goal is to create advanced applications which are convenient and effective to use.