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We are launching COVID-19 tracker to keep you informed

Vadim Peskov
Vadim Peskov
We are launching COVID-19 tracker to keep you informed

At Diffco we aim to provide effective technological solutions. Sometimes we are required to do it to tackle or manage critical situations. Because of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, which has happened at the beginning of the year, we have decided to build an intuitive and simple COVID-19 tracker for mass use of people around the world https://stopcorona.info

StopCorona provides global and regional COVID-19 statistical information. We use only official public sources of raw data, which means that at any time users may check the actual and correct situation reported by medical organizations.

Currently, we have started the live map with basic statistics. StopCorona full-featured web and Android applications are coming soon. Their features would be the following:

  • Global cases overview with detailed line charts to analyze the tendency and the daily statistics;
  • We provide detailed information in a structured way, so if it is available from the official sources, track statistical data and view the tendency line charts per single country, city or even district. Switch between the areas simply by searching or navigating the lists;
  • Personalized dashboard allows you to add numerous areas to track the outbreak;
  • Allow notifications for your areas, so that you can monitor the situation within your region by enabling notifications. They would alert you on new cases registered nearby, as well as on daily global and regional outbreak development trends.

StopCorona is made with care for the global and every single person’s health. We truly think that openness and availability of such data would help to increase social attention and decrease the upcoming pandemic impact on society. Feel free to use our apps by finding them via the following links:

  • StopCorona COVID-19 tracker web application accessible from any device and any browser – https://stopcorona.info
  • An Android application would be available soon.