Kamino – This colorful application gives you an insider look on any city in the world. Such smart and interactive guide builds walking tours per your preferences.


A interactive city guide that builds walking tours around unique and beautiful places

The need:

Ever felt lost or alone in the unknown place or even in your own city? No more! With this smart app available on iOS you will always feel like home in any city.

How it works:

Simply create a walking tour or choose one from multiple options available: from locals sharing their favorite route for bar hopping to experts contributing must-see places around the world. Find the walking tour that’s right for you through access to specific routes based on certain preferences: families, dogs and their humans, people with an appetite or a sweet tooth, and so much more. Each walking tour has a detailed description, beautiful photos, and recommendations for stops along the way. Kamino provides step-by-step navigation, GPS, and useful maps so you’ll never be lost!


  • GPS guided tours
  • Multiple filters used to create a tour: pet-friendly, family and kid oriented, certain city, expert recommended, etc
  • Option to share your customized tour with friends, upload photos, etc.

Development time: 2 months

The outcome:

Put your tennis shoes on and be ready- we are taking you on an enticing walking journey that you will love! Colorful, fun and interactive application that will give you an insider look on any city.

Joint Project with The Better Bunch.

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