Front-end Project NDA

Front-end Project NDA – Mobile application that creates live comics from mobile videos through the voice recognition that enables the user to build comic text bubbles from speech.

Web social service for the users to exchange the creative video collages and follow each other. Enjoy the fun times while you make the collages, comment and share them directly from your phone!

Create your own life stories in comics format and enjoy, share and stream your fun times!

Give it a try - you will get hooked!

The need:

Social media is everywhere and so are your photos that you upload, comment and share. But the idea was to convert just the photos/videos into life-breathing comics videos.

Promo website that also has the full functionality through the web browser. Transfer the functionality from the mobile app to the web application. The team of this cool mobile app is stellar, but they also needed a stellar team of web developers who can create an outstanding website.

What we did:

We completed a task involving development of a web version of an existing mobile app. Our team had to develop front-end and back-end for project realization.

  • HTML coding
  • Front-end engineering
  • Back-end development
  • High load optimization
  • Server setup and optimization (Amazon AWS)
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Continuous integration and deployment system setup


  • Phalcon framework
  • Angular.js
  • jQuery

How we did it:

We had so much fun taking the photos of our team during the development to try the service and convert them into a real video stories.

Development time: 1 month

Team Faces:

Sima Ivanova, Front-end Developer: I love working with Angular.js, so this was just my true enjoyment to bring this project to life and make it adaptive!

Evgeny Nasonov, CTO: It was a pleasure to collaborate with a client’s team of experts and to deliver a quality product for them! While the time frame for this task was very limited, we streamlined project management in such a way to accomplish the mission on time.

The outcome:

Get ready to share and discuss your favorite video comics online! As now with this adaptive web platform you can follow your favorite people and track their video stories from any device through the web browser.

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