Second Wind

Second Wind - Useful app that allows you to adjust the music to your tempo while running and even out the bpm’s for all songs in your library. Save your favorite playlists.

It takes a second breath to run, find it with Second Wind!

The need:

Want the music to adapt to your running speed and keep you going to enhance the performance and increase your endurance? Second Wind got you covered! Many runners and fitness enthusiasts experience the lack of motivation and decreased performance, as the music and its beats are not synced with the runner’s speed. That was the problem and that was the need. Until now.

How it works:

The app offers several operational modes:

  • No effect - works as your regular music player.
  • Auto - the bps adapt automatically to your speed without interruption to ensure smooth running experience.
  • Fix - let the app work on your running for you, if you think you run too slow or too fast. Enter the bps number and see how your body should be moving.

Extra Functions:

  • Power Button: have a song that keeps you going and motivated? Select it and have other songs in your playlist adjust the bps to this song’s beat
  • Color Coding: Now you can color code your playlists according to the tempo for various activities. Enjoy!

It takes technology to work the magic: CoreMotion API, CoreAudio API, beat detection algorithm, C++, Objective C.

Development Time: 3 months

The outcome:

A very useful app which allows you to feel more endurance, move with more comfort and push your limits! It is available for iOS in Itunes store. Give it a try and discover magic through motion! By the way, yo will be amazed by a rich UX concept that we created for Apple watch.

Joint Project with The Better Bunch.

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