StartSmart is a mobile learning and motivational platform for members of the Siberian Wellness distribution network.

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Siberian Wellness is a large manufacturer and supplier of natural and ecological goods for health and beauty, sports nutrition, and wellness products. The company operates in more than 65 countries around the world and is building a global network of partners and consultants for product distribution.

Motivation behind the project

Siberian Wellness was looking for a convenient digital tool for the support of its distribution model by continually motivating and training members, as well as attracting new partners. The functionality in the application is based on the study materials, which present the Siberian Wellness product set and the company’s story, vision, and values.


Diffco and Siberian Wellness have developed native iOS and Android applications that allow all employees, consultants, and partners to be informed about all current events, product collections and directions of the company development. Moreover, StartSmart provides an up-to-date set of presentations and training materials to expand the professional skills of experienced company partners, as well as newcomers.

Excellent marketing courses


Currently, the learning platform offers one introductory and five full-featured marketing courses for professionals of any experience. The course set is growing all the time and users are notified of new training possibilities. Regardless of the initial level, the course base provides an advanced understanding of the organization's processes in a simple and interactive manner.

Convenient learning platform

By developing single sign-on for Siberian Wellness, we integrated with a variety of internal corporate systems, thus ensuring easy transition between learning and working processes. In addition, interactive articles, videos, and presentations deliver the content in a structured manner, while a well-designed user interface (UI) helps to depict study attainments and status intuitively.


Built-in articles allow users to get the information with excellent visualization, interactivity, and simple navigation. We have rigorously addressed the administrative requirements of the application by creating a powerful management interface for content editors. This includes an advanced system for materials management with version control. Also, a special articles layout format allows editors to modify the articles functionality and UI without the need to release an app update.

Configure your goal and get only the related content

The learning platform optimizes the content dynamically according to the configured user goals, which makes the process personalized and more efficient.

Ubiquitous localization and offline mode

As Siberian Wellness operates all over the world, StartSmart allows users to select specific content for their country and follow the training in their preferred language.

Offline support makes the caching and dynamic update of the content on your smartphone possible, to ensure productivity in areas with poor or no internet connection.

Project process and technical stack

The client's major goal was a swift launch of the application in all regions with the simultaneous development of the convenient content management system. Another goal was to create an advanced solution that would allow updates of both the content and functionality of the application without the need for additional development for each release.
Diffco focused closely on these goals and created a modular multilingual architecture. In addition, Diffco developed a special format for the content preparation, which allowed the client to independently prepare new materials and make certain changes in the functionality without development effort required.
The project was developed and launched within 3 months, and currently operates in more than 20 countries around the world. Today we are working on regular updates and new features development.
iOS SDK Native iOS application with Swift
Andriod SDK Native Android application
Symfony Symfony
Doctrine ORM Doctrine ORM
Analytics User analytics

What our client says

Choosing a development partner was a complex task for us and Diffco met all our expectations and more. Their experience of developing highly loaded infrastructure and launching large international projects was important because of the various countries and languages planned for the StartSmart product. Another important aspect was the development of a custom admin panel interface which allows our specialists to update the dynamic content in the app for different regions rapidly and without the need to update the app on the users' side.

Thanks to Diffco's competences, we were able to quickly find the necessary technical solutions, and design and plan the project in detail for a phased launch. Within only 3 months, we have successfully launched the first version of the app and now are developing new features. We already have partners from more than 20 countries using it. Many thanks to the Diffco team!

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Ilya Knopov Director of Internet Projects at Siberian Wellness

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